Strategic Planning

Seniors today have greater expectations, broader interests, and are more demanding about their retirement lifestyle choices. Additionally, providers are faced with an increasingly complex operating environment. To meet the expectations of new and future generations of retirees and to respond to the changing environment, providers must research, plan, and develop new, higher standards. We must also remain motivated by this industry’s mission to provide high-quality care, housing and services to the senior population.

In the waves of change in elder services, planning is an integral component of any successful organization. ARI helps elder service organizations understand their current realities, the future trends of consumer desires, and organize their purposes, people and processes to create a preferred future. The planning procedure is a complex and ongoing process of organizational change. It is as much about reflecting on what you are currently doing as it is in creating new behaviors to create different results. Our role is to listen carefully, coordinate a planning process, to advise and, ultimately, assist you and your organization in achieving your own success.

We follow three steps that, when combined effectively, define a successful and comprehensive strategic planning process:

  • Analysis of internal and external data about the financial, operational, programmatic and personnel systems of the organization, both past and present.
  • Facilitation of staff, board discussions on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization.
  • Development of actions steps on who, how, and when and what resources are needed to achieve your preferred future.