Operational Consulting

With our collective experience in the aging services field, we assist organizations by evaluating operational costs and service delivery efficiencies. Our goal is to assist the organization in identifying, quantifying, and recommending areas for revenue enhancement, expense reduction, and process improvement. A typical operational review of your organization is a five step process.

  1. Organizing and scheduling of timeline and scope of analysis
  2. Thorough review of current documents and information about the organization
  3. Conduct on-site visits, tours, and interviews with key leadership and staff
  4. Analysis of information and recommendations with consideration to uniqueness of organization and mission.
  5. Oral presentation and written reports

Our review of your operations will provide you with operating benchmarks and best practices from hundreds of providers we have encountered over the years throughout the nation. This knowledge will assist you in improving the effectiveness of your operating systems thereby increasing the quality of services to your residents.