Executive Search

We provide a professional service to not-for-profit organizations seeking to recruit talented senior executives. We identify candidates with excellent talent and skills who are highly qualified to lead in a not-for-profit organization.

The Executive Search consists of a five step process:

1. Profiling the Position

With input from the Board of Directors, we develop an Administrator/CEO Profile Description that outlines the job specifications and the talents we are seeking in the new Administrator/CEO.

2. Identification and Recruitment

Next, we recruit potential candidates through advertising, personal contacts, and professional networking.

3. Selection and Presentation

We interview potential candidates and complete initial reference interviews. We prepare a report of the top candidates for your search committee.

4. Face-to-Face Interview

We continue to support you in the interview process. We provide you with interview questions and a meeting format that is compliant with the law.

5. Offer Preparation and Negotiation

We help you design a compensation package and make the offer on your behalf. Once the applicant has accepted, we stay in contact with you and the candidate for three months to ensure a smooth transition.